The Relationship between Wound Dressing and Wound Healing

Wound healing is a normal biological process of the human body. We have to get through four precisely steps: hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling. If you want the wound to heal successfully, all of the steps must occur in the right order and time range. A lot of factors can interfere with one or more steps of this process, thus causing wound healing more slowly with worse recovery. These elements include oxidation, infection, age and sex hormones, pressure, diabetes, obesity, medications, drinking, smoking, and nutrition. So, it is very important to understand the influence of these elements. It may improve the speed of wound healing and impaired wound healing.


According to the characteristic of the impaired wound healing, wounds fall into acute wounds and chronic wounds. Acute wounds are usually tissue damages have been fully recovered, with small scars, within the estimated time range, usually 8-12weeks. The main reason that caused acute wounds include mechanical injuries on account of exterior factors, such as abrasions and tears that caused by contact with friction between the skin and hard surfaces. On the other hand, chronic wounds result from slow-healing of tissue injuries, that is have not healed over 12 weeks and often relapse. Repeated tissue insults or optional physiological condition is the reason why such wound is hard to cure.


Successful treatment of impaired wound healing depends on comprehending the type of wound that is under treatment, the recovery process, and health condition of patients. In some cases such as chronic wounds, there is an excess of exudates present which can result in complications. A main feature of modern wound dressings is to get rid of the extra exudate while maintaining moisture at the wound bed. Wound dressings are designed to keep the wound clean, pollution-free and also to promote wound healing, especially in chronic wounds where there may be significant tissue loss.


Advanced wound dressings are used in wounds as providing a moist environment on wound healing process. It is good for the dissolution of necrotic tissue and reduces the probability of infection. WH Hydrocolloid wound dressing is one of the best choices. Hydrocolloid is a material containing gel-form agents, such as carboxymethycellulose and gelatin. It is used to wound management, providing a moist environment for wound to accelerate wound healing process. Semi-transparent features is better for observe wound healing process. PU film surface, water-proof is reduces the risk of roll up and bunching.


WH Pore wound dressing is a soft cloth adhesive wound dressing. Soft and hypoallergenic applied as a primary or second dressing over light to moderately draining wounds. It’s convenient to fixed devices or for protecting I.V. cannula sites. No scab formation to prevent second hurt from dressing changes.


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