IExproberTM Technology  AutoPowerOn
Trigger switch manual and automatic integration (1 -6 grade)
Multi-parameter alarm: mask alarm, apnea alarm, High breathing rate alarm, low breathing rate alarm, Hypoventilation alarm
Automatic air leakage compensation
Pressure bar chart, Waveform display
All Chinese color screen
Real-time monitoring display: IPAP, EPAP, Breathing rate, respiratory quotient, tidal volume, air leakage, minute volume
4G and SD card data storage
Data analysis software (optional)
Pressure range: IPAP: 4-30cmH2O
EPAP: 4-20cmH2O
Mode: CPAP mode, S mode, T mode, S/T mode
IPAP Rise Time: 0.1-0.6 second or auto
Breath Rate: 2-40 times/minute or auto
Apnea time: 0.5-4 second at maximum, 0.5-3 second at minimum
Tube length selection: 0.8M&2M
Pressure unit selection: cmH2O&Kpa
Input power: <70W (Humidify with a humidifier)
Overall volume: 21*19*11cm
Weight: 1.6KG