Participation of Study Visiting to Alibaba Headquarters in Hangzhou

Our company’s employee participated Alibaba Hunan District training program about foreign exporting trade between Feb 21-24 in Hangzhou which is holds by Alibaba.


We visited the head office in Binjiang district and is known among the locals as Taobao city.
The working staff in Alibaba had a small introduction around the campus, visitor center and the company. All of the buildings are designed as modern style. One of their senior managers had a speech for us and we were truly inspired through this lecture.


Through this study program, we do not only learned many experience about how to manage our team and explore our business from lecturers and entrepreneurs, we gained precious friendship with many people who are dedicated in medical products and equipments exporting field. After this program, we will still keep exchange our knowledge with our companions and apply precious experience into our work.