Hunan Yidao 2016 Annual Summary and Future Expectation Conference

Hunan Yidao Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. “2016 Annual Summary and Future Expectation Conference” was successfully held at December 6, 2016. Chairman of the Board, Ms. Aliya Li
, General Manager Mr.Charley Qin and all leaders of the Company, and all the staff attended the meeting. Aliya Li personally presided over the meeting, every staff have expressed their conclusion of 2016 and future expectaion during this meeting.

At the meeting, Aliya Li made the main objectives of the deployment.She pointed outthat Hunan Yidao Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. has achieved rapid development in 2016 from many aspects, including sales performance and team building.In 2017, the company should continue to improve customer satisfaction as the top priority, enhance the quality and efficiency of enterprise development as the focus of development, to speed up team building, promoting business growth as the focus of the work.

Chairman Aliya expressed her expectations: In 2017, we have to make our company to become the biggest medical device suppliers in the central China. Subsequently, the staff of the company different departments made a summary of the year 2016 and to the future goals.The meeting was ended in the warm applause of all staff at noon.